“The Voice”: Zazie breaks her chair, Bigflo in tears

“The Voice”: Zazie breaks her chair, Bigflo in tears

“The Voice” passes the second. This Saturday March 4, for its second part of blind auditions, the TF1 competition has seen many well-known talents pass by. Starting with Margaryta, of Ukrainian origin and whose parents are still in the country at war – but in video for the show. Unfortunately, his touching cover of “1944” by Jamala, winner of Eurovision for the country in 2016, failed to turn a coach around.

Awan was luckier. After seven unsuccessful attempts, the eighth casting call was a success for this 24-year-old Parisian. By covering Abba’s “Money, Money, Money”, he ended up seducing Amel Bent and Zazie, before joining the team of the latter. Her rival in a performance was able to recover Ludmilla, with a powerful version of “Taxi” fromAngela. A candidate actress above all, seen in particular in “Lupin” on Netflix where, in flashbacks, she played Claire, the ex-girlfriend of the character played by Omar Sy.

“It’s the cheapest blockage in history”

This second evening was also the occasion for a tasty showdown between the coaches… thwarted by technical problems. This was the case of Zazie, determined to block Vianney to recover Thomas Larose in his purse. Except that the button did not work, creating a sequence for the least particular where for long seconds the oldest of the quartet tried to eliminate his rival in front of him, without succeeding. “It’s the most cheap blocking in the history of the show! “, Vianney amused, once his chair returned.

On the side of Bigflo and Oli, the two newcomers of the season, this week has been special. First with Elio, a student and rapper from Montpellier who came to try his luck with “Salope”, a song by the duo. Seduced, Bigflo rotated his seat but could not hold back his tears. “In general, it’s rare to have me on a song of my own,” he admitted, before being chosen by the candidate.

Another performance, another atmosphere with the Malunos quartet and its gipsy version of the hit “Le temps” by tayc. Without consulting with Oli, Flo decided to choose them. “I had a good time but warn me! We discuss, wondered the youngest of the siblings. We’re like Siamese twins there, we only have one hand for two. »

The reason for this hasty decision? A fear of paternal reproach. “You know very well that dad is going to watch all the shows, justified the other. He will tell us: But the ****, why didn’t you press for the four guys? “It is now up to them to confirm during the battles… or to truly divide the duo.

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