The Wheel of Time sets the record straight on Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 corrects the situation after a messy entry. More nuances and still the Rosamund Pike et.

Before The Rings of Power, prologue to Lord of the Rings, Amazon Prime had launched in 2021 in the adaptation of another fantasy juggernaut: The wheel of time. Robert Jordan’s 14-volume saga is rooted in a universe where women are still connected to magic. In the first season, peace was challenged by the resurrection of the Dragon, a dangerous figure destined to save the world or to… destroy it! Responsible for identifying the chosen one, Moiraine Damodred, one of the women mastering the “unique power”, exfiltrated from a village five young people with extraordinary potential.

occult temptations

As in any quest, their paths now diverge in these eight new episodes. Our heroes are forced to make new allies (and lovers). Ped for dead, Rand, who does not grasp the extent of his gifts as a Dragon, takes care of the insane. A way to heal his own torments. Perrin is looking for a mentor to master his animal energy. Mat must get rid of occult temptations. In training with the sisters of Moiraine, Nynaeve and Egwene suffer vexation on bullying.
This redistribution of the cards channels the series, which ceases its escalation of action scenes to give way to a little psychology, introspection, nuances. “Everyone will struggle with loneliness and the notion of destiny , announces the director, Sanaa Hamri. Do we really decide our choices and who we are?

“Epic” Battle

Cornerstone of this canvas, the actress Rosamund Pike let Moiraine’s vulnerability burst. Stripped of her gifts, the one who moved the pawns on the chessboard is no longer omniscient, fumbles and has to fight without the protection of her faithful bodyguard Lan. The charisma and ambivalence of the Briton, revealed by Gone Girl, by Fincher, explode. The monsters share the monopoly of the bad guys with very human enemies, endowed with words and hidden ambitions. Like the Seanchan invaders, with an army made up of magician slaves. Less prisoners of the serpentine mythology of Jordan, the screenwriters allow themselves to create their twists and connections. Finding the dramaturgy and the extra soul that make you want to hang on in this debauchery of big means. Shot between Prague, Italy and Morocco, this season contains an “epic” battle in the tradition of Gladiator, promises Sanaa Hamri, delighted to return to her native lands of the desert and let her love of cubism and the compositions of Pico in his episodes.

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