The White House said Biden will call for expansion of the UN Security Council

US President Joe Biden will call for a “look at the security architecture of the UN Security Council” and its expansion. This was announced by the coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, The Telegraph reports.

“We believe it is time to discuss architecture [безопасности] organizations. I think President Biden and the United States would support more members,” he said.

Washington believes that the UN Security Council should be “more inclusive and comprehensive,” Kirby explained. According to him, Biden will make such a proposal this week. The Telegraph clarifies that this will happen on September 19.

The newspaper suggested that Biden would push for 5-6 new permanent members of the UN Security Council, including India, Brazil, Germany and Japan. It is unclear whether they will have veto power, The Telegraph notes. The publication writes that the purpose of expanding the UN Security Council is “to counter Russia and China.”

Currently, the UN Security Council has five permanent members: Russia, the USA, China, Great Britain and France. Each country has the right of veto. The organization also includes ten more non-permanent members, who are elected for a period of two years. Until 2023, Albania, Brazil, Ghana, Gabon and the UAE have this status, and until 2024 – Malta, Mozambique, Switzerland, Ecuador and Japan.

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