The white Iris sold more than 500,000 copies in ten days


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The new album of the adventures of the diehard Gauls, signed Fabcaro and Didier Conrad, released on October 26 has already attracted 511,521 readers to bookstores according to statistics from GfK/Livre Hebdo.

The white Iris , the new adventure of Asterix and Obelix, signed Fabcaro and Didier Conrad is definitely doped with the magic potion of the druid Panoramix. Some ten days after its release in bookstores, on October 26 exactly, this album which sees Julius Caesar using a method of psychological motivation developed by a somewhat guru doctor called Vicevertus, has already sold 511,521 copies, according to figures. from our specialist colleague GFK/Livre Hebdo, published on November 3.

This rapid exit should not surprise the publishers (Hachette Livre) who brought out this adventure, which resembles Discord in reverse mirror, 5 million copies. To compare Asterix and the Griffinthe previous opus published two years ago on October 21, 2021, sold some 520,000 copies over an identical period.

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The very current subject of The white Iris– a sort of guru, therefore, with the false air of Dominique de Villepin and Bernard-Henry Lévy wants to infuse the Gallic village with a radically positive spirit, far from their quarrelsome temperament -, is perhaps or even surely at the origin of this umpteenth bestseller.

The search for the pun, the play on words in the first and second degree, dear to Goscinny and Uderzo, is certainly the second ingredient in this dynamic of bookstore success. Indeed, Fabcaro, the new comic strip writer, has given it his all here. For exemple, “But yes ! We are putting crazy sesterces in this Gallic village which still resists», aping Emmanuel Macron, or even “If you want war, prepare peace?” Yeah…», mischievously inverting the famous Latin quote, undoubtedly contribute to the flavor and triumph of this 40e album.

Since 1961 and the release of‘Asterix the gallic the craze for the stories created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo has never waned. Nearly 400 million albums have since been sold on four continents. A true marvel of adaptation, they have, over time, been translated into 117 languages, and even into a few dialects. The white Iris confirms it, Gallicism knows no borders or limits.

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