The wife of the co-author of Navalny’s program was attacked with the words “stay away from Russia”

In the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, there was an attack on the wife of Russian economist Maksym Myronov, a former co-author of the economic block of Alexei Navalny’s campaign program for the 2018 presidential election.

An unknown man approached Alexandra Petrachkova from behind when she was walking with her ten-month-old son, hit her in the face and said in English: “Stay away from Russia.” The couple turned to the police.

According to Myronov, his wife was not seriously injured. “The attacker didn’t hit hard. The goal was not to injure her, but rather to show that they are close to my family and can do whatever they want if they want,” the economist said. He connected the incident with the fact that it illuminates the ways of circumventing Western sanctions used by the Russian authorities.

The day before that, Mironov said that an unknown man called him at his apartment and said the same thing: “Stay away from Russia and Russian politics.”

  • Maksym Mironov is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of Novosibirsk State University. In 2003, he completed a master’s degree at the Higher School of Economics, and in 2008 he received a doctorate degree from the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago. Now Mironov is a professor of economics at the IE Business School. He also actively maintains several blogs on social networks, in which he speaks in support of the Russian opposition.

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