the woman in all her complexity

DECRYPTION - Of the conceited Diana of Poitiers with Isabelle Adjani at the epics fighters, Passing by Affected by Alexandra Lamy, the female figure offers authors an unlimited field of possibilities.

From our special correspondents in La Rochelle,

Women and children first! Or rather the teenagers, very represented this year in the fictions - unitary or series -, themselves carried by mothers, as many women, single, wives, fragile, combative, selfish, empathetic, sensual, endearing, "endearing", romantic, nervous, angry, all at the same time... So many aspects of the female figure and so many heroines in which the authors and creators of fiction see an infinity of characters.

believer and lesbian

The observation is not new. Far from it. Phèdre, Berenice, Camille Claudel, Cléopâtre, Madame Bovary are some obvious examples. And what about Diane de Poitiers, including Isabelle Adjani, under the increasingly questionable direction of Josée Dayan (Captain Marleau), draws a whimsical and hysterical portrait, a futile allegory of vanity - vanitas vanitatum -, a woman at bay, ageless and without true depth, pale and distant, copied/pasted from Patrice Chéreau's Margot. She is nonetheless the heroine of the first opus of a new collection from France Télévisions called “Les audacieuses”.

In unison with the portraits of women presented in this festival, Marie Antoinette (Canal+) to the romantic epic in the midst of the Great War The Fighters (TF1), passing through the cruel fable spirit of winter (Arte), the gastronomic thriller in the ovens of Internal kitchen (13th street), The Story of Annette Zelman (France 2), black comedy The man of our lives (M6) or therapy Affected (TF1). Even among the firefighters of the ultra-realistic and hermetic Notre-Dame, the Part of the fire (Netflix), the commitment is written in the feminine through the character of Colonel, believer and lesbian, camped by Caroline Proust who opposes her general (Roschdy Zem) reluctant to risk the lives of his men in the fire.

Some of these portraits are very beautiful. Others are a little less so. These fictions have in common their strength of character and their ability to face this state of loneliness which confronts the whole genre, whatever the trajectories and the happy or unhappy events of life and history. Maternity, illness, early childhood, abandonment, love, loss of love, sentimental betrayals, old age, deportation, momentum of first emotions, devastation of war, entrepreneurial setback, perinatal bereavement, touching or abuse. These heroines face everything without looking away, without taboos, without understatement and understatement. The authors' vision may be raw, but without blinkers for the sake of verisimilitude and absolute resilience.

The descent into hell of a teenager

Toddlers, kids and other young people are housed in the same boat. The daily life of disability and "validism" are shown as never before in the "teen drama" Toulouse-Lautrec high school (TF1), immersed in the only school in France which brings together able-bodied and disabled students equally. Teens and their secrets, their fragility at a pivotal age are also at the heart of the initiation Prometheus (TF1) which timidly handles the fantastic against a backdrop of ancient Greek myth. The thirst for life in defiance of life expectancy in Life, love, right now (M6), a moving adaptation of the autobiographical story of a young woman with cystic fibrosis who fell in love and became pregnant at 16. self-destruction in Mama don't let me fall asleep (France 2), which recounts the descent into hell of a teenager who became addicted to drugs.

Even for coming-of-age comedies, pros from minitel rose in 3615 Monique (OCS) in the galleys of identity and integration Miskina the poor (Amazon Prime Video), reality is a bitch and the future is a constant struggle and choice. And the furrow still needs to be dug. France Télévisons wants to apply its recipe for daily soap operas to the class of STAV, chronicle of a school year in agricultural high school. Imminent filming for a premiere in La Rochelle in 2023? That we wish as imaginative as the one in the process of ending to spice up and divert the codes of the thriller.

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