"The World of Jamy" reveals the secrets of our brain

The host, accompanied by Églantine Éméyé, offers a new issue of his magazine this Wednesday on France 3.

Jamy Gourmaud eyes devour a chocolate éclair. What makes the mere sight of this pastry make us want to eat, even if we're not hungry? What happens in our brain? " It activates a promise of pleasure “, explains the host who, throughout his program, will multiply tests, experiments and demonstrations to reveal to us the functioning of this organ, real “ control tower that drives all our behavior we are told.

Social media, likes and dopamine

Thus, still in a very pedagogical way, it is about the risky behaviors that some young people can adopt and the development of the prefrontal cortex which manages decision-making. Social networks are also mentioned, in particular through an MRI study which notes a stronger activity of our dopamine receptors (often presented as "the hormone of happiness") when we receive a "like". Enough to encourage us to publish new messages to get more.

Throughout the show, the questions keep coming. " Are we multitasking? » is an opportunity to discuss the functioning of a brain at two speeds, with a first system which is used to make quick but not very reliable decisions, and a second which calls on logic, reasoning, and therefore slower but who makes fewer mistakes.

Meeting with the "zmombies"

With an average of 3h30 devoted per day to smartphones, “Le Monde de Jamy” asks: “ Screens: will our brains go crazy? and introduces us to the "zmombies" or zombies of the smartphone, that is to say people so hypnotized by their telephone that they pay no attention to anything else. Some large cities have even installed light signals on the ground at pedestrian crossings to avoid possible collisions. The magazine is also working to find out if our brain is playing tricks on us or if the virtual can change our behavior. In short, a rhythmic, playful and particularly instructive prime time.

This "World of Jamy" is part of the mobilization of the antennas of France Télévisions on the occasion of the World Day against Alzheimer's disease.

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