the yakuza accuse the blow on Canal +

Ansel Elgort plays Jake Adelstein, a young reporter who investigates the world of the Japanese mafia. EROS HOAGLAND / 2022 Warner Media Direct, LLC. All Rights Reserved. HBO Max 08/24/2022

Michael Mann directs the first episode of the series tokyo vice, an all-too-classic thriller filmed in the slums of the Japanese capital. To see on Canal + this Thursday, September 15 at 9 p.m. and on Mycanal.

How naive to think that journalists can make solid heroes. That of tokyo vice arrives in the Japanese capital at the age of 24, determined to unravel the mystery of this gigantic city and to penetrate, without anyone understanding his motivation, the universe of the yakuza. This new series is inspired by the autobiographical work of journalist Jake Adelstein, embodied here with great enthusiasm by Ansel Elgort, in the spotlight since Steven Spielberg's West Side Story. Michael Mann, also executive producer, signs the pilot of Tokyo Vice. Its nervous and precise paw unfortunately does not make much more hectic a narration conducted in a very classic way.

Sticky shallows

Arriving in Tokyo, Jake applies to enter the Yomiuri shinbun, the most popular newspaper in the world. The competition would make the suitors of the ENA green with envy - too bad, moreover, that the content of the tests is not given to us given the time that this passage lasts. Tokyo Vice recounts an integration made difficult by the racism of some Japanese, when it is not anti-Semitism, and the severity of the hierarchy. All the young man's papers are revoked. This reporter without manners then tries to approach the police to obtain pistons. He teaches one of them to flirt with Europeans. Is that enough? "It took me much longer, at least three or four years, to manage to penetrate this world.e”, has fun in several interviews the real Jake Adelstein.

Award-winning playwright in the United States, the creator of the series, JT Rogers, holds the different threads of the narration: rapprochement with an escort, ambiguous friendship with a police officer, serial murders. The actions follow one another without many surprises. Some dialogues, even in Japanese, sound like clichés… The series, on the other hand, paints a very successful picture of Tokyo, from the sticky underworld to the magical lights of Shinjuku. Ansel Elgort (who learned Japanese for the filming) is always stuffed into the countless little tables in the city. tokyo vice also shows the uniqueness of the Japanese state of mind. Restraint in all circumstances, attachment to honour, elegance of attitude… The author Adelstein, who has lived in the Archipelago for a long time, knew what he was talking about.

Serial Killings

Can the same be said for the action scenes? A long article from The Hollywood Reporter questioned the veracity of Jake Adelstein's testimonies and deeds in the face of the yakuza, fearing that the journalist could have embellished it somewhat for the purposes of the narration.

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