Theft of 250 thousand dollars in Istanbul

In Esenyurt, Istanbul, 250 thousand dollars withdrawn from the bank by an accountant was stolen from the car. The suspects were caught on security cameras.


The theft took place in front of a bank on Istanbul Esenyurt Osmangazi District Hadımköy Yolu Street at around 11:00 on Thursday, August 24.

ED, an accountant, left the bag containing the 250 thousand dollars he had withdrawn from the bank in his car. Later, 3 suspects arrived in a light commercial vehicle, took the bag from the car and quickly fled the scene.

After the incident, ED reported the situation to the police teams. As a result of the work carried out in the region by the Istanbul Public Security Branch Directorate teams, the identities of the theft suspects were determined.


The teams carried out an operation at the address where the suspects were staying in Avcılar on Wednesday, September 13. While two suspects were caught during the operation, it was determined that the other suspect, AP (18), was in prison. Ömer K. (24) and Sezgin O. (27), whose procedures at the Police Station were completed, were sent to the courthouse.

On the other hand, it was learned that Ömer K., one of the suspects, had 19 criminal records, Sezgin O. had 24 criminal records, and AP, who was in prison, had 30 criminal records. (DHA)

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