“There is a real demand for protection and concrete public action”

Luc Rouban. Sébastien SORIANO/Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – The loss of faith in the fairness of the French social system ends up creating a form of disbelief towards politicians, believes political scientist Luc Rouban.

Luc Rouban is a political scientist and research director at CNRS-Cevipof.

LE FIGARO. – Several political figures have placed their return under the sign of the reconquest of the working cles. Why are we seeing this offensive?

Luc ROUBAN. – I think there are two reasons. First, we are already opening the 2027 electoral period. Everyone needs to broaden their base, the popular categories represent 40% of the electorate, and it is not possible to win without them. Then there is the question of the National Rally. We can clearly see that it is now the party which occupies the center of gravity of the right and that it has largely positioned itself on the social question.

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Today, it is Marine Le Pen who has succeeded in positioning herself as heir to Gaullism, where the other parties have become inaudible. So much so that the popular categories are looking a lot in this direction and the RN has now moved to the next stage: attracting upper middle categories…

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