“There is little time left to save agriculture”

“Reducing livestock numbers weakens food sovereignty and the ecological transition. Livestock breeding is a solution,” says Arnaud Rousseau. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – The president of the FNSEA explains how the French agricultural world can adapt to the challenges linked to climate and inflation.

The Livestock Show opens on Tuesday and the government is preparing an agricultural orientation law. The head of the FNSEA delivers his vision of the challenges of a sector in transformation.

LE FIGARO. – Bercy criticizes manufacturers for not having lowered their prices. Is this justified?

Arnaud ROUSSEAU. – There may have been abuse by some. We do not want the agricultural world to be the adjustment variable in their negotiations with distributors. We are worried to see them reopen the price war. From 2010 to 2020, we were asked to lower our prices every year. This caused the loss of 100,000 farms. The challenge is to produce affordable food. One in three French people go without one meal a day. This concerns farmers, who can no longer tolerate the gap between political speeches and the reality of decisions. On the one hand, we were asked to move upmarket and contribute to the food sovereignty ; on the other, we have an explosion of imports…

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