“There is not and there will be no current”: rififi at LFI, Manuel Bompard reframes critical voices

It’s a reframing in order. According to our information, the national coordinator of La France Insoumise, Manuel Bompardsent a warning letter to the “members of the animation team” of the Ecosocialist Left, a micro-party close to MP Clémentine Autain, which held its founding congress last weekend. As reported by Le Parisien, the latter wish to form a real “internal current” within LFI and have been criticizing the democracy of the movement for several months.

Inclinations that do not p for the right arm of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who has always proscribed currents within his organization. First, in his letter written on behalf of the coordination of spaces (direction of LFI), Manuel Bompard specifies that he does not criticize the existence of the Ecosocialist Left.

“La France insoumise welcomes members of political organizations (Left Party, Insoumis Communistes, Ecological Revolution for the Living, Picardie Debout, Independent Workers’ Party). It is therefore quite possible to be an activist in one of these organizations while militant within insubordinate France, he writes. Since the last representative embly, a Political Council has also been set up on which sit representatives of each of these political groups. The development of the Ecosocialist Left (GES) therefore does not pose a problem in itself. »

“Our movement is not organized according to this logic”

But it is indeed the term “current”, used by the LFI deputy and member of GES, Hendrik Davi, which crystallizes the tensions. The document of the “principles of insubordinate France”, adopted during the Convention of insubordinate France of 2017 by a vote of all of the Insoumis indicates in its fourth point: “Internal competitions, conflicts of people and clashes of currents have no place there (…). Consensus decision-making is favored in order to avoid the pitfalls linked to cleavages and minority positions,” recalls Bompard.

And to bang his fist on the table: “This is why the Ecosocialist Left cannot be constituted by running within rebellious France. Our movement is not organized according to this logic. It is also not acceptable for you to decide to ignore it through the press, and this without any exchange with us” he annoys.

Further, he hammers: “There is not and there will be no current in rebellious France. Even if it means threatening the recalcitrant with exclusion? He ends his letter by asking for a “frank exchange” with the leaders of GES “to verify if your decisions are compatible with the participation in insubordinate France. In addition to Clémentine Autain, a member of the “slingers” of LFI, cold with Jean-Luc Mélenchon after they were put on the sidelines of the new management of LFI, the Left Ecosocialist brings together three other Insoumis deputies and a few hundred activists. “There were a few hundred activists full of questions” reports a guest at the GES congress this weekend.

This Monday evening, Hendrik Davi and Manuel Bompard had not yet exchanged together. “I think it’s a misunderstanding. We are in the process of drafting our founding document which we will send to LFI. Our roadmap explains why we are in the LFI and why we believe in it,” explains Hendrik Davi to Le Parisien. Before backpedaling on his comments from last week: “So we are not an internal current. We do not act as a current. We are a group of activists within LFI. The term was wrong on my part. This is enough to reure Manuel Bompard.

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