“There were teachers who took pins to prick the dancers’ buttocks when our buttocks were out”



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Guest of “Figaro La Nuit”, the star dancer talks about the evolution of learning. “Dance teachers are no longer like they were before”she explains.

The journey of a star dancer is not the most relaxing. A discipline of demands and effort, dance is difficult training. Dorothée Gilbertstar of the Paris Opera ballet, spoke at length to Thibaut Gauthier in “Le Figaro at night”the traveling show of Figaro.

Is clical dance training a challenge? Are apprentice dancers mistreated? “This is not abuse as we understand it. However, we mistreat our bodies. Clical dance is unnatural. To achieve the physical characteristics of clical dancers, you have to force yourself. You have to hurt yourself a little. It’s not sadomasochism», she explains.


Dance teachers are no longer like they used to be, explains Dorothée Gilbert. HAS In my time, there were teachers who threw stools in the clroom, who took pins to poke our buttocks when our buttocks were out. (…) The way of teaching has changed. Harment did not exist at the time.»

We can be demanding while being a teacher and achieve our goals without being tyrannicalshe concludes. It’s not enough to yell at each other for children to move forward..”

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