“There will be no anti-inflation basket”, assures the president of the FNSEA

“There will be no anti-inflation basket”, assures the president of the FNSEA

It was one of the standard bearers of the government’s fight against inflation in supermarkets. THE anti-inflation basket, announced in January by the executive, was scheduled for March. It was to allow consumers to have access to certain basic necessities at a more affordable price.

“We met Bruno Le Maire the day before yesterday, and he confirmed it to us, there will be no anti-inflation basket (…) We discussed it (with the government) and it will not happen”, according to Christiane Lambert, president of the FNSEA, the main agricultural union, who had just emerged from intense negotiations with large retailers in a context of rising commodity prices. “Just as it was a question of sobriety on energy (…), we must encourage the French to consume better (..) to choose raw products, (…) it is still cheaper, (…) and for their health is still better, ”she advised at the microphone of Franceinfo this Saturday morning.

“We challenged this anti-inflation basket because it will slash prices again and, above all, it will apply to everyone,” defended Christiane Lambert. The president of the main agricultural union in France instead suggested a “food voucher for the most precarious, those who are entitled to social security, who are entitled to holiday vouchers and energy vouchers”. “Otherwise whoever earns 8,000 euros in the building opposite will also buy the anti-inflation basket, it’s not serious,” she regretted.

zero margin

“Distributors have been asked to make zero margin on a certain number of products”, however noted the representative of the FNSEA, a nod to the statements by Michel-Edouard Leclerc Friday morning.

The information has not yet been confirmed by the government, but certain clues could appear in the language of the Minister of the Economy. Asked about this by BFMTV on February 20, he had kicked into touch. “I don’t know if it will be an anti-inflation basket (…) the only thing that matters to me is the purchasing power of our compatriots”, replied Bruno Le Maire without specifying whether the device was maintained throughout. by setting the deadline of March 15 to achieve “get everyone around the table and (…) work around an operational solution”.

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