Thermal strainers: after the reproaches of the majority, Le Maire returns to a possible decline

Ecology or the wallet, a recurring dilemma. After several figures from the majority criticized his position, Bruno Le Maire returned to his statements the day before, concerning the ban on the rental of housing considered to be ” thermal strainers “.

Interrogates by readers of Le Parisien on the impossibility for certain owners of housing clified G to carry out the work before January 1, 2025 to continue to rent them, the Minister of the Economy responded that he was against “punitive ecology” and that “ everything that was decided before the rate hike deserves to be looked at again in the light of this crisis.” “What was possible when money was available, becomes impossible with rates this high,” he added. He said he was in favor “on a personal level” of reopening the debate.

This interview was carried out on September 22 in Bercy, three days before the announcement of ecological planning by President Emmanuel Macron. The ban on the rental of thermal strainers is provided for in the “Climate and Resilience” law of 2021, setting January 1, 2025 as the limit for housing clified “G” and 2028 for those clified “F” by the new energy performance diagnosis (DPE).

“It is not a question of changing the calendar as it has been determined, it is simply a question of thinking about how we can be simpler and clearer for our compatriots. Everyone knows that the ban on the rental of so-called G + strainers is already underway, but everyone also knows that it poses a certain number of problems for co-owners,” the minister corrected this Wednesday, during the press conference. presentation of the 2024 budget.

“We must not return to Saint-Glinglin, (…) it is a trajectory that we have taken which is important and we must not give up”, defended a little earlier the President of the National embly Yaël Braun-Pivet (Renaissance) on France 2.

Likewise, the president of the Sustainable Development Committee, Jean-Marc Zulesi, and the deputy Pierre Cazeneuve expressed their refusal to postpone. “The challenge should not be to go backwards but to accelerate.” “We need support measures but also restrictive measures,” Zulesi insisted to AFP.

“Let’s not postpone our goals, let’s accelerate! »

“The building accounts for 45% of energy consumption and nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions,” Cazeneuve recalled on X (ex-Twitter), recalling that the draft budget for 2024, presented this Wednesday, forecast “4 billion euros for the renovation”. “Let’s not postpone our goals, let’s accelerate! “, he said.

And we very unfavorable.

Buildings account for 45% of energy consumption and nearly 30% of GHG emissions. This is the most important fight to fight.

With €4 billion for renovation in the next budget, let’s not postpone our objectives, let’s accelerate!

— Pierre Cazeneuve (@PierreCazeneuve) September 26, 2023

Very unhappy, the new environmentalist senator Yannick Jadot mocked on “. Same anger for the Insoumis deputy of Yvelines William Martinet who sees it “a gift to multi-owners. A nightmare for tenants. One of the worst ecological renunciations of macronia.

Conversely, the boss of senators LR Bruno Retailleau welcomed this possibility. “This is an absolutely salutary awareness because we are going on the wrong track and heading into a wall,” he declared on Europe 1-Cnews. And he added that “young couples are no longer able to access property. When we talk about inflation, more than 40% of a household’s first budget is housing expenses. So we must of course try to postpone this timetable,” he believes.

On France Info, the president of Pap (former From Individual to Individual site) Corinne Jolly judged that it was “impossible to renovate five million homes by 2028” because “there are a lot of issues to deal with”. Between the sums to be committed, the difficulties in finding companies and materials and town planning rules, only 100,000 homes “are really renovated” each year, on average. And banning the rental of energy sieves will terribly strain the already complicated rental market. Unless the timetable is spread out, the law, according to her, will not be applied.

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