These 7 villas with private beach taken in dislike by the Corsican separatists

Villas with private beach with pontoon, swimming pool, gym and mage cabin in Palombaggia, in Porto-Vecchio, in Corsica. On paper, the “Paradisu di a Baia” project is a dream come true. Its price, a little less: 17,000 euros per square meter. The seven villas will surely not see the light of day, the project having been denounced on social networks by the independence party, Core in Fronte, as reported France 3.

“A bronze for the wealthy”

It is high time for Corsica to be equipped with a policy and means of regulation to put an end to this unbridled speculative race. This situation excludes the Corsicans from the right to housing and the right to live with dignity on their land.“, he denounces. Before adding:It makes our country a bronze for the rich“. However, this real estate project seems to have ped under the radar of the municipality of Porte-Vecchio which ensures that “the 2023 preliminary project “Paradisu di a Baia”, [est] unknown to municipal services“, in a press release published Tuesday, May 23.

Indeed, the project would not have given rise to any building permit application. Either way, the program is not on track. “The municipality, if formally requested, does not intend to issue any permit on this site, in the current (RNU) or future (PLU) framework.“. The municipality takes the opportunity to slip a tackle on the owners of second homes. “The municipality will at no time allow a hotel establishment to be sold in pieces and become a second home “. Second homes are frowned upon by locals. The continentals are designated as responsible for the surge in prices. Several dozen holiday homes have also been affected for a year by arson.

The town hall only moderately appreciated the methods of Core in Fronte. “On the other hand, on the form, and since we were publicly challenged, on a project of which we had not been aware, it would have been preferable, as many activists and ociative actors do, to first approach the services of the town“.

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