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One in four family SME and ETI managers is over sixty years old. Lumos sp –

TESTIMONIALS – In France, almost one in two businesses is a family business.

Like Obélix in the magic potion, many French people fell into the world of entrepreneurship at a young age. In France, 48% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-sized companies (ETIs) are in fact family businesses. So many young people who grew up in the factories, offices, hotels or stores of their parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents and who, for some, take up the torch one day or another. The number of companies to be taken over in France in the next decade is therefore estimated at 700,000, while one in four family SME and mid-cap managers is over sixty years old.

This destiny, more or less chosen, weighs on the shoulders of successors and also involves its share of responsibilities and challenges. Because running a family business is no easy task, even when entrepreneurship seems to flow in the veins. “My playground was the company offices, I loved it», recalls Marianne Guyader, shareholder of the Guyader Gastronomie group, a Breton family business which today employs 600 employees. Fourth generation of Guyaders to work in the company, Marianne has just bought one of the group’s subsidiaries from her father: the artisanal cannery Groix et Nature, in addition to her role within the Guyader Gastronomie group, as CSR manager. . A path she chose “without ever having felt pressure from any side to resume“, she ures.

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And without creating jealousy within a family of three children of which she is the eldest, her sisters not wanting to work in the company. “Things happened naturally», confirms his father, Christian Guyader – still at the head of the group inherited from his parents. “But the recovery did not happen in a day because a transmission is being prepared, he warns. Marianne first worked outside the company, then joined Groix et Nature as sales director. She then became general manager when I decided to take some distance. I remained president, then came the time for transfer with a well-prepared transfer“.

Destructive conflicts

A realism that not all family business owners can boast of. While one in four family business SME and ETI managers is over 60 years old, 47% of family business managers aged 60 to 69 have not formalized a succession plan, according to a study by Bpifrance Le Lab-FBN France. However, for Patrick Glebocki, lawyer and partner at KPMG, “family transmissions must be prepared and anticipated, because they integrate…

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