These high-tech tools that will facilitate your telework

Logitech Zone Vibe 100 headset (€119). LOGITECH

OUR ADVICE – Three years after the constraints brutally imposed by confinement, bosses, employees and manufacturers of office automation equipment have found a delicate but fruitful balance.

In France, 55% of the active population would use telework, according to a barometer unveiled by JLL. As for companies, 47% would accept this practice. This concerns at least one day per week of remote work. Saving time and money in transport, flexibility of the schedule, falling absenteeism rate, saving on office rental…

There are many reasons to adopt this new way of life. Especially since 60% of the people concerned feel more productive this way. Be careful, however, not to minimize the pitfalls, such as the feeling of isolation, the slowdown in the sharing of information or the cybersecurity risks.

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