these renovations that “change everything” for modest and very modest people

A house being renovated in Rennes, November 15, 2023.

” That’s a beautiful story “, smiles Philippe, 68, under his former country guard mustache. It will soon be a year since he and his wife, Lydiane, 58, returned to their small house in Clairoix (Oise), near Compiègne, transformed by three months of work. The walls were insulated from the outside, the attic filled with wood wool, the joinery replaced with double glazing, the bathroom enlarged for their old age, the electricity and plumbing redone, the radiators changed. All thanks to the help of Eco Habitat Network, one of the ociations which is organizing the Day Against Energy Poverty, Thursday November 23.

Lydiane and Philippe, who wish to remain anonymous, were experiencing financial difficulties preventing them from resorting to a zero-rate eco-loan. Réseau Eco Habitat managed, by mobilizing as much aid as possible from the State, communities, retirement funds and various foundations, to ensure that this rehabilitation only cost them 90 euros.

They recount the emotion of returning, after three months in a mobile home – their son Quentin had installed a Christmas tree in the living room, the bed was made, their granddaughter had even tried it. Since then, they no longer feel cold and are less sick, the walls, previously devoured by humidity, remain white and dry, the musty smell has disappeared, just like the mice which nibbled Lydiane’s nights. ” It changes everything ! We turn on the heating a little in the evening. This summer, it was cool in the house »appreciates this very thin and dark-haired woman.

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In Candé-sur-Beuvron (Loir-et-Cher), Karine D., 52, can’t wait for the energy renovation of her “thermal strainer” to finish. “When I got divorced and bought this little 1980s Phoenix house, I saw that there were things to do, but I didn’t imagine that the French window would open by itself when the wind blows hard, and that I would pay 230 euros for electricity per month by heating at least… “, she says on the phone. She had quotes made and noted that her 1,600 euros monthly salary, as manager in a home help structure, would not be enough.

One of the companies told him about Dorémi, a solidarity company which trains professionals in efficient renovation and supports individuals. “Dorémi helped me decide on the work to be carried out, prepare the aid application files, and find and coordinate the craftsmen. Among them, the Compagnons builders made us participate in the work, a great experience which also allows us to reduce the bill, she explains with enthusiasm. And at the end, Dorémi will come and check if there are any thermal bridges remaining [des défauts d’isolation] and if the DPE [le diagnostic de performance énergétique] went as expected from F to A – or B +. »

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