These series on TV and on platforms that give a taste for literature

The success of the screen adaptations of The Scarlet Handmaid, Lupine OrThe Bridgerton Chronicles delights booksellers and publishers. Explanations.

Between 2020 and 2021, release years of parts 1 and 2 of Lupine , book sales of Maurice Leblanc have increased, according to Netflix, of… 2 100%! Fiction with Omar Sya hit in France and internationally, is one of the most flamboyant examples of the impact of series on literature.

I was doubtful because the adaptation was extremely modernized, I wasn’t sure that it would make people reread the clics but I was wrong», readily admits Nathalie Deleval, book product director at Furet du Nord-Decitre.

“D monthly sales multiplied by 40 »

The first season strongly boosted the author’s sales with monthly sales multiplied by 40, the effect was less but remained significant during the second, we confirm in the Livre de Poche. The visibility and notoriety given to the work went beyond strictly audiovisual news by maintaining a level of sales higher than the average before the broadcast of the series. This introduced Maurice Leblanc to a new generation. Lupine was the #1 rec reading in middle school playgrounds! » « ForLupine as for Game Of Thrones, it is in fact the whole work which has been revealed also underlines Aude Monjaret, manager of the Dédicaces bookstore in Rueil-Malmaison. Because readers have discovered a universe they like or to find out what happens next before it is broadcast! »

Cover of The Bridgertons Chronicles Netflix

If literary adaptations revive the careers of already famous works, they also shed light on other little-known ones. François Busnel, former presenter of “La Grande Librairie”, who hosted the conference “Séries, a second chance for books” at Séries Mania last year, was delighted with the late recognition of the work of Canadian Margaret Atwood. Between the publication of The Scarlet Handmaid in 1985 and its adaptation in 2017, the work had sold 33,000 copies in France and 1 million in the United States. Five years after its broadcast – on Hulu and OCS – the figures rose to 700,000 and 8 million. “A little miracle happened,he observed. The series introduced the reader to a novel that had existed for years, while remaining extremely faithful to it – the voice-over repeats the original text almost word for word. This shows to what extent the desire to read stems from the series, the fiction audience is sensitive to the idea of ​​finding characters, an atmosphere, an atmosphere …”

Netflix remains the most prescribing platform

Long adventure also for The Bridgerton Chronicles published in 2009 then 2016 without much response in the “Aventure et pion” collection of J’ai lu. When the series began, the books came out with a new look, with a refreshed cover. . And sales spiked by 80%. The publishers are, in fact, playing the game to the fullest. “ Hachette seized the opportunity to release elegant, bound editions, featuring flocked covers and old-fashioned gilding forLupine, notes Aude Monjaret.And more generally, the marketing services highlight the works thanks to collector’s versions, the redesign of the cover with visuals from the series, or even a button, a red banner… This has obviously become a selling point .»

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IfAgainst the direction a series for teens on Prime Video, has generated considerable sales, Netflix remains the most prescribing platform. The Queen’s Game , The Sorcerer , Shadow and Bone, Umbrella Academy or Heartstopper,a graphic novel which had appealed above all to those initiated, allowed a new audience to develop a taste for reading. On the long term ? “I have the weakness to believe that we can retain the loyalty of these readers because they are young people who have a fan attitude. If they like it, they consume a lot», concludes, with optimism, Nathalie Deleval.

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