these women who succeed in establishing themselves in predominantly male worlds

TESTIMONIALS – Convinced that desire and determination are stronger than all prejudices, more and more women are finding a place at the forefront in the worlds of haute cuisine, construction and tech.

There is improvement but we are still far from there. There diversity of professions remains a distant goal. In France, only 12% of professions are mixed, a figure that the government wants to increase to a third in 2025. In addition to the most “masculine” professions such as construction worker, police officer or vehicle driver, the feminization of certain positions in companies remains very shy.

Among executives, there are only 40% women, according to figures published by INSEE in 2022. Only intermediate professions are truly mixed. Of the 88 major types of professions listed by the Ministry of Labor, there were 16 mixed professions in 1982-1984. There are only five more, 35 years later. Women today constitute half of the workforce among doctors, trainers, legal professionals, administrative executives and civil service executives.

Great determination

Some women have managed to occupy positions of responsibility, going against prejudices. Clear…

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