Thibaut Guilluy, architect of inclusion in employment

Thibaut Guilluy, September 7, 2021, in Paris. Alexis Sciard/IP3 PRESS/MAXPPP

PORTRAIT - The High Commissioner for Employment has been entrusted with one of the most perilous and thorny files of this beginning of his mandate.

"We must not hide it, the task is dizzying." In his office overlooking the courtyard of the Ministry of Labour, Thibaut Guilluy is not mistaken. Just a week ago, this forty-something from civil society who has been working for more than two years in the bays of the Hôtel du Châtelet was entrusted with one of the most perilous and thorny files of this beginning. of mandate. Either to build the new flagship of integration: France Travail. His appointment at the head of this mission is in itself no coincidence. Already very involved in setting up the plan 1 young 1 answersthis pure product of macronie has been gravitating in the world of professional inclusion for twenty years.

Freshly graduated from a prestigious business school (ESCP), Thibaut Guilluy chose in 1999 to embark on several associative projects. “I wanted to be useful. What I had been shown of the company in my studies was a very arid vision under the sole prism of turnover...

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