Thierry Ardisson moved to tears by his daughter

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Thierry Ardisson. Screenshot.

VIDEO – The host and producer failed to contain his emotion while listening to the words of his eldest, Manon, during a France Bleu broadcast.

Thierry Ardisson is a great emotional. Last June, guest of “What an era!” on France 2, the animator and producer had ed twice : a first time by reviewing a photo of his father and a second time by discovering the images of Lucie Carrascostylist and columnist for the “Magazine de la santé” (France 5) suffering from spinal amyotrophy at the age of 41, carried by her husband to climb the steps of the Cannes Film Festival.

This Monday, in his program “La Scène culture” broadcast at 8:50 p.m. on France Bleu, David Lantin managed to move the man in black again. Indeed, the radio host had reserved a little surprise for his guest who came to promote the arrival of his Ardivision channel on the Samsung TV Plus platform. “Listen carefully because I have a message for you that Manon, your daughter, wanted to send to you”he warned.

“We are super proud of your career and all that you have managed to accomplish”

Manon to her father Thierry Ardisson

“Hi dad, it’s Manon. Listen, we thought with Ninon and Gaston that this was the right opportunity to tell you how proud we were of you. When we think back to your first book that you wrote when you were 13 […] and when we see today that you are launching Ardivision which compiles all your programs, it’s really incredible. We are super proud of your career and all that you have managed to accomplish. I think there are few people who are as creative as you. And certainly no one so tenacious. You never gave up. Now it shows today when we look at everything you have done and you continue to do with your new processes… You are really an inspiration for the three of us, we love you!said the young woman in an audio recording.

Listening to his oldest daughter, Thierry Ardisson was initially smiling but was quickly overwhelmed with emotion. “How nice ! Especially since they never give me compliments. I know they like me, I know they like me but they never said stuff like that to me. So that’s one of the good reasons for coming here today… finally, I see that my children are aware that their father worked a lot”he commented.

On several occasions, Thierry Ardisson has often admitted that he has not taken sufficient care of his three children. “It will remain a lack. I wasn’t there often and seeing her children frolicking when they were 2 or 3 years old must have been nice. I only joined them on weekends, exhausted, and I only saw them at noon on Sundays. That, I regret”he confessed in the columns of Current values in 2019.”But I also believe that you can’t have everything. Jesuits often remind us that to choose is to sacrifice. I don’t think you can be a star and have a normal life… So I’m taking care of them today, I’m making up for it!“.

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