This day when the “deputies” entered the National embly

THE SECRETS OF THE EMBLY (11/12) – Following the Second World War, 33 women were elected deputies and, for the first time in history, entered the walls of the Palais Bourbon. Many are former resistance fighters.

The usual tumult that precedes each session has suddenly died down. In the Hemicycle, all eyes are on the slim figure who has just entered the parliamentary precinct and is moving slowly towards the gallery. Long black silk dress, white pearl necklace, Madeleine Braun climbs the steps of the National embly gallery one by one. With a broad smile on her lips, she thanks the officers of the Republican Guard who have just welcomed her, saluting her with their sabers as they announce her arrival: “Madame President !“. Before, quietly, sitting up there, on the Perch, and announcing in a clear voice: “The session is open», to the loud applause of all parliamentarians, from the right and the left.

On July 30, 1946, for the very first time in French history, a woman chaired the debates in the Lower House. The communist deputy hardly hides her pride. Nor his emotion. As the discussions begin in the Hemicycle, a small tear runs down his cheek. With the back of her hand, she wipes it delicately. The discussions go off without a hitch. Madeleine Braun has just inaugurated “with ease his duties in the presidential chair», congratulates Le Figaro without its columns, the next morning. A few days earlier, on June 14, the former resistance fighter was named vice-president of the National embly. A real revolution. Which is also widely talked about. In its edition of…

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