“This final means more than last year”, savors José Mourinho

The Portuguese coach will experience a new European final with AS Roma.

José Mourinho, coach of AS Roma, who qualified for the Europa League final after the draw in Germany 0-0 against Bayer Leverkusen (1-0 in the first leg for the Italians) summed up at a press conference: “For us it is never easy. We had difficulties. My players are simply fantastic. We’ve been together for two years. The mentality of this team is incredible. This team also has a great staff. Then there are also details. The story is not over yet, young people are still finding resources. It was an epic match, with a great atmosphere. There was a very good referee, otherwise the match could have been chaotic. I’m super proud of my players. For me, it is an honor to work with these players. This final means more than last year’s final (in the Europa League Conference, which Roma had won, editor’s note). We see a difference in level in the teams against which we have played. There are Champions League teams. This Leverkusen team, since being taken over by Xabi Alonso, is 3rd or 4th in the Bundesliga, Sevilla is in the final by eliminating Manchester United in the quarters, Juve in the semis. The level of this Europa League is very high. The face of the match forced me to remain cautious. Paulo Dybala, I would have played him if we had had to play extra time, he could play 30 minutes.»

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