This island in the Bréhat archipelago is for sale for 2.3 million euros

For island lovers, opportunities are rare. Specialists often cite the figure of 1,200 islands present in mainland France with only a few transactions per year. So obviously when one of these rarities appears on the market, it arouses curiosity. We are talking here about Lavrec Island, in the Bréhat archipelago, a garden island sometimes nicknamed the pink pearl of Brittany, very close to Paimpol. To be completely correct, it is not really a private island or at least an island with a single owner, because the sale concerns the main plot which is spread over 5.93 hectares for an island which has almost 10.

“It is the only sector of the island that is built and the only one that has a pontoon for easy access at high tide, explains Peter Bos, real estate advisor for Côtes-d’Armor from the Sotheby’s International Realty network, in charge of the sale. In fact, the owners of the other plots never go there.” He knows this sector particularly well since it was he who already sold this island in 2017 to its current Belgian owner and it was he who carried out the sale of the neighboring island of Roc’h ar Hon in May 2022 for 1.57 million euros.

Monastery ruin

This extraordinary property is listed at 2.31 million euros, which remains quite a sum knowing that the 150 m² house on the island needs to be completely renovated (its roof was torn off, accelerating its deterioration) and that this As the area is clified as a remarkable natural area, it is impossible to install new constructions there. Despite everything, the tariff shows that the crazy price inflation is behind us. More than 10 years ago, the first price displayed was 5 million before a sale of around 3 million. The current price corresponds to a notarial evaluation carried out in 2017, according to Sotheby’s International Realty and takes into account the fact that it will be necessary to spend 400,000 to 500,000 euros on the renovation of the house.

Once these obstacles have been overcome, the future buyer will be able to benefit from a unique place steeped in history. It is in fact here that the monk Budoc is said to have founded the first monastery in Armorican Brittany in the 5th century, of which only a few ruins remain. And then the place can give the feeling of being isolated at high tide, while allowing you to go and get your bread on foot in Bréhat, at low tide, as one of the former French owners of the place did. While the ad is fresh, the real estate agent reports that he has already received expressions of interest.

The buyer profile? Entrepreneurs, lovers of the sea and boats, who dream of being able to walk on their island with its small bays and private beaches. One thing is certain: you will have to devote time to this acquisition and not be afraid of the work. These are all the more complex to carry out on an island as only the walls of the house remain. The previous owners did not have time to carry out this work to make the residence habitable but their renovation project remains available. The disgruntled will recall that in the worst climatic scenarios, places risk submergence by 2050 but true Bréhat lovers should undoubtedly try their luck.

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