This profession that recruits: become a works manager

It’s not because you have a individual house that you are a DIY specialist, that you know how to do everything with your ten fingers to “refresh” your sweet home. Especially at this time when we are talking about the great theme of energy renovation and savings to be made.

Better insulating your home, choosing the right heating system, finding the right windows requires a certain expertise. And if to all this you add the jungle of public aid, there is something to get lost in. So how? A new profession has emerged in recent years: works manager. It is designed as the missing link between building professionals and individuals.

Mickaël Di Luca embarked on this niche ten years ago by creating Avenir Rénovations, after a first career in aeronautics at Air France. “I noticed that there was a lack and above all a real need,” says the manager. Individuals were looking for someone capable of quantifying the overall amount of the work, of monitoring them by working with specialized companies that he himself had selected and referenced. »

“A mix between business manager and works manager”

The works manager is therefore there to make your life easier. Especially since it is on his shoulders that all the guarantees will then rest, in particular the famous ten-year guarantee which is so important in the event of poor workmanship or problems. “This profession is a mix between business manager And works manager, continues Mickaël Di Luca. It is necessary to be precise in the costing of the construction site, the selection of the craftsmen, to be really sensitive to the customer relationship, to the respect of the deadlines, to the quality of the service. »

Despite this range of qualities to possess, neophytes are however welcome, even if having some basic building knowledge is still a serious advantage. Indeed, training is offered in many franchises. This is one of the reasons why this rapidly growing profession attracts people who have already had a first professional life.

They often want to become more independent and create a business in which they thrive. Especially since the salaries are rather attractive – around 3,000 euros net per month when you start – and the fixed costs (especially local) are low because you can exercise – if you open a franchise – from home. Be careful though, the investment in time is important: canving customers, following the construction companies during the day and, in the evening, immersing yourself in the administrative part…

“He’s an orchestra conductor”

“It’s a conductor for all the stakeholders on a renovation site”, analyzes for her part Corinne Maupin, director of the home and heart of France division for the certification agency Cerqual. The latter makes it possible to enhance the quality of a renovation, in particular via the low-carbon materials used. “To carry out the work successfully, the key to success is the coordination of the various companies, between the plumber, the heating engineer… The order of intervention of each is important. If it’s not well organized, it can become counter-productive,” says the expert.

The work manager therefore has a 360-degree view of the work in your home. He is able to coordinate interventions and ensure everyone meets deadlines, so that everything is delivered on time. “He must speak the language of the individual as well as that of the building, because what counts in the end is the satisfaction of the customer and what his home has gained in terms of energy comfort in particular”, continues the certifier. Having a single point of contact also allows you to better monitor your site and therefore know who to contact at all times. We gain in fluidity and efficiency in the end.

“Works managers are there to advise and offer solutions to individuals, explains Julien Outin, market manager at Hellio, expert in energy management. Whatever the need, he identifies the things to be done, the professionals, follows the project, ensures the consistency of the interventions. He knows the craftsmen, he has chosen them and guaranteed that they are certified. »

“He’s a multi-faceted coordinator,” adds Christophe Casta, renovation project manager, alongside him. He does precise and different work for each house, each individual, depending on the desired objectives. The role of works manager is therefore central and valuable, which explains why it is in high demand.

He is recruiting “150 candidates for franchises”

CEO and founder of Energy Heritage Preservation, Sébastien Vernay is looking for many new collaborators. His company, launched six years ago, has developed a network of around forty franchises across France. In order to pursue development and expand its presence closer to customers, it needs 150 works managers.

The profile. “You need someone who has the soul of an entrepreneur, is independent and knows how to use the tools at his disposal to develop his clientele. Currently, there is a majority of men. We need more diversity but also and above all people who already have building knowledge. It is very important to discuss with the customers or the companies with which we collaborate. Someone who also has a good sales sense is better. We offer ten days of training at our headquarters near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique),” says Sébastien Vernay.

Compensation. “A beginner can hope to receive between 3,000 and 4,000 euros net per month when the most experienced climb to 6,000 or 7,000 excluding dividends, because they are franchisees, notes the manager. It is a very profitable profession and in which there is a high demand. »

Evolutions. “Our model wants the franchisee to be, in the long term, multi-franchise. He is opening a first in a territory, then a second nearby in markets where there are many individual residences. »

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