“This shows the way by Paris 2024”, reacts Olivier Krumbholz

The heavy elimination of French handball players in the semi-finals of Euro 2022 on Friday against Norway (20-28) “shows the way to go within eighteen months”, warned the French coach after the match. .

How do you explain the elimination?
Oliver Krumbholz: There were too many passing errors, balls arriving at the feet or too high. (…) They were happy with our shortcomings and stepped on us as they know how to do. (…) We were too bad in the second half. The defense was average but it was above all the attack that completely derailed us. It’s a collective bankruptcy, we have to wonder about the reasons why we were much less well. The France team has the right to lose matches, and more against Norway. This shows us the path we have to travel in eighteen months if we want to win the gold medal at the Olympic Games. We remain technically unstable. You have to work, physically too. If we make mistakes it’s because we are in the hard at the physiological level, much more than them. It is a lesson in humility.

Some individuals like Grace Zaadi were not as successful as in the first six matches, why?
Grace tried a lot. The attacking game was weighed down by passing errors and maybe Grace also suffered from this situation, like all the others. No one can save the France team when they play badly. I don’t blame anyone. I haven’t seen an exceptional French player. It is a collective bankruptcy that we must all tackle together. The questioning must be on the part of everyone and especially not to indict such a player.

Is there a physical explanation?
It is a mixture of helplessness, weariness and physical difficulties. They were better than us, they crossed the pitch faster than us and put the pressure on us right away. Even if they lost a few balls because we harassed them a bit, technically we saw some magnificent shots. They were just better. You have to ask yourself why we went so low in the second period. (…) It’s a nice medal to get. We would have preferred to be in the final but the result is implacably logical. I hope we will show quality of play, fluidity. I’m sure everyone will want it. They may have information to give us about what happened, their feelings. We will stay united.

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