this subject which embarres French football

Lille and Monaco players on Sunday during the day against phobia. Norbert Scanella / PANORAMIC

DECRYPTION – The controversy swells after the refusal of certain players to wear rainbow flocking this weekend during the day of the fight against phobia.

Gay or straight, we all wear the same jersey. In 2023, this is not the case for everyone unfortunately. It will become a chestnut tree, but like last year, several Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 players have not not wanted to wear rainbow flocking as part of the World Day Against phobia this weekend. If we want to remain resolutely optimistic, it should also be noted that the vast majority wanted to do so, while different actors have stepped aside of this streak by simply deciding not to play. All this with the agreement of their respective club, for once very (too) docile in this controversy.

Under cover of religious reasons, or even alleged pressure, footballers from Toulouse, Nantes or even Guingamp were conspicuous by their absence because they did not want not fight phobia. Because that is what this is about. This operation, launched by the Professional Football League five years ago, was not intended…

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