This year’s tourist season in Masuria was successful, although it had a weekend character

This year’s tourist season in Masuria can be considered successful, although it was a weekend one. The number of domestic and foreign tourists has increased, according to the Center for Promotion and Tourist Information in Giżycko.

According to Robert Kempa, director of the Center for Promotion and Tourist Information in Giżycko, comparing this year’s data with last year, we can see that the number of tourists increased by more than 5%. There were more domestic customers, more foreign visitors, more tourist information customers, and there were no fewer visitors to the biggest ticketed tourist attraction, the Boyen Giżycko Fortress.

“Over 129,000 tourists made over 305 thousand accommodation, which clearly confirms the thesis about the +weekend+ nature of this year’s season and the shortening of stays” – pointed out director Kemp.

The Tourist Information Center in Giżycko counted the number of visitors using data from GSM network logins.

“Today, even a preschooler is +armed+ with a mobile phone. Moving with our phone, we leave a +trace+ in the form of logging in to subsequent masts that secure our communication with the world. This +trace+ allows us to collect data on tourist traffic” – pointed out the director of the Center for Promotion and Tourist Information in Giżycko, Robert Kempa.

The Giżycko Center has been collecting this data for years. This year’s data is in complete contradiction with statements announcing up to 30 percent. decrease in tourist traffic in some places in Masuria, also on the Baltic Sea, and in the mountains.

From June to August, there were almost 130,000 tourists in the Giżycko district who stayed at least one overnight stay, while last year there were 123,000 at the same time. There were 113,000 domestic tourists this season (105,000 in 2022) and 9,400 foreign tourists. (in 2022 – 8.7 thousand).

There were almost 50,000 visitors (visitors who did not stay overnight) this summer (in 2022 – 45.5 thousand), including 11.5 thousand from Poland (in 2022 – 7.6 thousand) and from the region 38 .6 thousand (in 2022 – 37.3 thousand).

Compared to the previous year, by 16.5 percent. this season, the number of people served at the Center for Promotion and Tourist Information in Giżycko increased by 0.6 percent. more people visited the Boyen Fortress. (PAP)

author: Agnieszka Libudzka


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