Thomas Lombard (GM of Stade Français): “Today the door is closed for Ivaldi”

He is one of the most used players this season in Paris. Aligned 19 times in the Top 14, including 18 as a starter, since the start of the season, Mickaël Ivaldi is an important player in the workforce of Stade Français, where he arrived last year from LOU. Under contract until 2024, the former hooker of Montpellier and Lyon would however see himself leaving the Paris region to return to the South, and this for personal reasons.

USAP, thirteenth in the Top 14 before the trip to Castres on Sunday (9:05 p.m.) during the 26th and last day, has concretely positioned itself to secure its services, as indicated by the Independent and confirmed by The Team. But on the side of Jean-Bouin, his release is not won.

François Rivière contacted Thomas Lombard

To let him go, Stade Français will have to find a replacement for him, which is not really obvious at this time of the season, and find a financial agreement with Perpignan. Because Ivaldi (33), who was well in the plans of the future staff of Laurent Labit, will not leave for free… Joined by us, Thomas Lombard, General Manager of the Stade Français, wants to be firm about a possible departure from his player: “Francois Riviere (USAP President) contacted me to discuss the possible release of Mickaël Ivaldi’s contract. Today the door is closed. There is no discussion. It is also the same thing for Julien Ory. We are above all focused on our trip to Stade Rochelais (Sunday) and our end of the season with an upcoming play-off. »

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