Thomas Meunier (Belgium): “I can’t spit in the soup”

Thomas Meunier (Belgium): “I can’t spit in the soup”


“How do you react to FIFA banning your captain from wearing an armband? ” One Love “ under penalty of warning



We wanted to use this armband. We talked about it among ourselves. We drew the conclusion not to wear it. That’s a shame. We all know how it goes here. But we also know the rules. There are many differences between here and European culture. You have to accept it. Qatar and FIFA work together. The European Federations have accepted FIFA’s decisions. If we wanted to do things well, we didn’t come to Qatar. But it’s too late.



“We wanted to act for certain causes. But everything is subject to suspension and sanction. What do we have to do ? Nothing “
Are you going to decide on another action of political significance?



It’s high time to focus on football. We serve as an example and we play for the flag. We wanted to act for certain causes. But everything is subject to suspension and sanction. What do we have to do ? Nothing. We came to play football. Qatar has been under discussion for months, years. We all know the human rights situation here. We had time to discuss the allocation, I believe in 2011 (2010, editor’s note). Except if the majority of the teams decide to boycott the tournament before the round of 16, the quarters, nothing will change whatever we do. We have to move on. Play the best we can.
Have you thought about not coming personally? I am in a delicate position. I played four years at PSG. I can’t spit in the soup and say: ”Qatar are bastards”.



I can’t afford to take a stand. I knew it when I signed my contract. I was aware of everything that is happening here. You could also say that I endorsed him by agreeing to work for a state club. But I had four good years. I have never been influenced by anything. Personally, unless my Federation chose to boycott, I would have agreed to come to Qatar if given the choice. Will you play with your mask to protect your cheekbone like against Egypt (1-2 Thursday)
? The good question, already, is “am I going to play?” I can take it off after about six weeks. There, we will be at five. If I play, it will be with a mask the first two meetings. In fact, I never stopped training. I injured myself on October 19 against Hanover (2-0, he played 62 minutes, German Cup). I am having surgery right away. And I resume the sessions the following week.


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