Thomas Müller: “I think we will need two wins”

” How to explain this defeat against Japan (1-2) ?
We lacked efficiency in front of goal, and the Japanese were very effective in the last 20 minutes. When we analyze the match over the 90 minutes, if we had won the match 3-0, we would have seen a positive match, but in the end, there is this 2-1 defeat. It’s a bit of a horror scenario with this result.

There were also positive things on our side, especially in the first half when we kept the ball against the Japanese who were a little more passive. In the second half, the Japanese risked more, but we had the best chances. Then came the last 20 minutes, and here we are.

What is your analysis of the match?
This game can be seen in different ways, but in the end the most important thing is the result. We conceded two goals and it doesn’t do us any good. For us players, it is useless to point the finger at anything. We’re going to need two wins to go further. The focus must be on work and from tomorrow, we are looking towards the second match (Sunday against Spain).

We’re gonna get back together, we’re gonna do what anybody else would do. We still have a chance, we absolutely have to win against Spain. There are some setups that might allow us to qualify without the two wins, but I think we’ll need two wins. The knockout stage has already kind of started a bit earlier for us.

Do you have in mind the scenario of 2018, with an elimination in the first round after also a loss in the first match in the tournament?
The situation may appear to be the same with a loss in the first game. It’s not comfortable knowing that we absolutely need two wins. We know that in football, you can’t really order two victories like that. We know we have the quality to beat Spain and Costa Rica, but as we saw today, a match is 90 minutes and you can also lose. »

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