“Thor”, “The Punisher”, “Star Wars”: actor Ray Stevenson died at 58

The cause of his death is not known at this time. Actor Ray Stevenson died in Italy on Sunday, one of his representatives confirmed. He would turn 59 on Thursday. He was filming the feature film “Cino in Ischia” on the island of the same name. He rarely had leading roles, but has continuously toured for over thirty years.

Born in Northern Ireland on May 25, 1964, the son of a Royal Air Force pilot, Stevenson began his career appearing in British television shows in the 1990s. of the Chevalier Dagonet in the film “King Arthur”, with Keira Knightley and Clive Owen.

The following year, the television series “Rome” placed him center stage: his incarnation of the Roman legionnaire Titus Pullo was hailed, the series is praised by criticism. Five seasons were planned but “Rome” will only see two as the series is expensive to produce. Filming took place at Cinecittà, the legendary studios of the Italian capital; the sets recreating Antiquity, which were to be open to the public, burned down in 2007 shortly after the end of the series.

In the Marvel Universe

Back to Los Angeles. In the Marvel movie “Punisher: War Zone”, he gets the main role of Frank Castle. He appears in the casting of thrillers, comedies, action films. He reconnects with the Marvel universe in Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”, alongside Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett and Idris Elba. In 2011, he was the Porthos of Paul WS Anderson in the “Three Musketeers”. In 2014, he joined the first film “Divergent” as Marcus, a character who would appear in the following films of the franchise: “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” and “Allegiant”. In 2013 and 2017, he found his character in “Thor”. Last year, he played Governor Scott Buxton in “RRR”, a film Oscar-winning (best original song).

He also starred in the series “Deep Break” by and with Poppy Montgomery, and participated in the series “Star Wars”, “Star Wars rebels”, and appears in the credits, as Baylan Skoll, a jedi, in “Star Wars: Ahsoka” which should be released in the year. He also participated in the feature film “1242: Gateway to the West”, in which Christophe Lambert shot.

Married to an Italian anthropologist, Elisabetta Caraccia, Stevenson had two children, two boys born in 2007 and 2011.

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