those customers who no longer hesitate to defraud at supermarket automatic checkouts

By Emma Confrere

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“I feel like I’m being robbed when I do my shopping,” points out Nina, a 24-year-old student. buritora –

TESTIMONIALS – More and more French people are free-riding at self-service checkouts, despite tighter controls. And everyone has their own technique.

At the automatic checkout, I will voluntarily not beep an item, like lawyersexplains Nina*, a 24-year-old student. The reason ? “I feel like I’m being robbed when I shop, especially at Monoprix And Auchan “, points the young woman, before justifying herself:”I do it because times are tough“. In two years, the prices of food products have indeed undergone an inflation of 21%, according to INSEE. Some low-income consumers are ing up, and no longer hesitate to cheat, especially at self-service checkouts.

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