“Three months of tension, disappointment, misunderstanding will not have damaged the nerves of the head of government”

“Three months of tension, disappointment, misunderstanding will not have damaged the nerves of the head of government”

Ihe political question of the week concerns a character who was believed to be marginalized by the five-year term and who, in times of crisis, proves to be both pugnacious and reckless.

The Prime Minister is the star of the drama announced Thursday, March 16 at the National Assembly. If Elisabeth Borne manages to get the pension reform passed on a knife’s edge, without having to engage the responsibility of her government as she boldly claims to achieve, and her aura will grow. If it fails, it will have served as a shield for the President of the Republic at the risk of quickly turning into a fuse.

“In this regime, everything that is successful is thanks to the President of the Republic. Anything wrong is blamed on the prime minister.”noted, in full knowledge of the facts, Jacques Chaban-Delmas, thanked for Matignon by Georges Pompidou after three years of good service, in 1972.

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Three months of tensions, disappointments, misunderstandings will not have damaged the nerves of the head of government who repeats to anyone who wants to listen that“she doesn’t want 49.3” and that’“a majority is possible”. Certainly, the text has just been adopted in the Senate at the cost of a blocked vote. He has a good chance of surviving the joint joint commission scheduled for Wednesday, March 15. It is nevertheless necessary to put on very pink glasses to think that the film will take place normally in the National Assembly. In reality, few MPs want to commit their political credit to a project that has remained unpopular from start to finish. Only the prospect of a political crisis whose outcome no one controls seems likely to limit dissent.

The dramatization around a possible use of 49.3, described as “democratic vice” by the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, the convergence of the calls for a referendum first launched by the National Rally and La France insoumise then taken up by the intersyndicale and the rest of the left can paradoxically help the head of the government to weld in extremis a narrow majority with the reinforcement of the right.

It would be the first time since the start of the conflict that Laurent Berger has given the Prime Minister a boost. In an interview at Sunday newspapere published Saturday, March 11, the ceditist concedes that if the text is voted normally, “we will have to take note of it”. Way to re-legitimize representative democracy against the power of the street, at a time when everything is wavering.

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