Tim Burton on the Addams Family side on Netflix

With her gothic look and her long brown braids, Jenna Ortega embodies Wednesday, a morbid and lonely teenager. COURTESY OF NETFLIX

With Wednesdayfilmmaker Tim Burton performs a wise first foray into the world of series.

At the Lumière Festival in Lyon, Tim Burton said he no longer wanted to shoot for Disney, tested “by the great circus” that had been the big show productions Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo. However, the director does not seek to turn his back on the giants of Hollywood. For Netflix, he revisits the myth of the Addams family and signs half of the eight episodes of Wednesday. A lively portrait of the morose kid once played by Christina Ricci. With the gothic franchise of Charles Addams, made popular by cartoons and the cult films of Barry Sonnenfeld, Tim Burton feels at home.

Formatted Horror

Attack of piranhas in a swimming pool, sheaves of hemoglobin, repeated visits to the morgue. The master’s pleasure is apparent in the sequences where La Chose appears, this dismembered hand watching over Wednesday. Now a self-confident teenager, unfiltered and exasperated by her parents’ close relationship, this Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, can’t get enough of being sent off to boarding school. Like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, Nevermore welcomes mermaids, werewolves, gorgons. The morbid and lonely Wednesday has some difficulty fitting in. Rather than going to the prom, she prefers to unmask the beast that bites tourists and local students.

little creativity

Tim Burton shows little creativity. And even less the screenwriters Alfred Gough and Miles Millar who are struggling to concoct a high school intrigue that comes out of the algorithms at work in a series like Riverdale. Entertaining without being scary, Wednesday catches up on its distribution. Around the very gifted Jenna Ortega gravitate Catherine Zeta-Jones (vamp matriarch at will), Gwendoline Christie. And Christina Ricci, for a return to this awful fold.

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