Tina Turner, the immense pain for the children who died before her

The life of Tina Turner, who died today at the age of 83, was marked by several tragic events, including the loss of some of her children.

Music: Tina Turner, the queen of rock who lived three times, has died


The singer had four children in her life. Her first child, Craig Raymond Turner, was born on August 20, 1958 from her previous marriage to musician Raymond Hill. On July 3, 2018, Craig committed suicide due to depressive disorder: he shot himself, aged 59, at his home in Studio City.

Subsequently, Tina Turner had another child, Ronnie Turneron October 27, 1960, during her wedding to Ike Turner. Although Ronnie was raised as Ike’s adopted son, Turner had Ronnie with another man. Ronnie was found dead last year in his Los Angeles home at just 62 years old. He ped away on December 9, 2022, after a long battle with various health issues, including cancer.

Tina Turner, son Ronnie dies: he was 62 years old. Four years ago the suicide of the eldest son

During her second marriage to Ike, Tina Turner also adopted Ike’s two children from a previous marriage, Michael and Ike Jr. As far as we know, there are no reports of tragic events concerning the life of Michael and Ike Jr., so it is umed that they are still alive.

Goodbye Tina, icon of energy and charisma

Luca Dondoni

Tina Turner has experienced many hardships throughout her life, including her turbulent marriage to Ike Turner. However, she has demonstrated great resilience and determination to overcome adversity and has gone on to enjoy a successful career in music and entertainment.

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