Tintin steals the spotlight from Asterix with an original sketch sold for 120,000 euros

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The original sketch of plate 48 of Coke in Stock (retail)in lead pencil, by Hergé, was sold for 120,000 euros. Potashev Alex / Adobe Stock / Maison Daniel Maghen

An auction organized by the Daniel Maghen house where original sketches by Hergé and Albert Uderzo were on sale.

Damn it ! A one-page sketch of Coke in stockby Tintin’s father, flew away Thursday evening at auction, more expensive than a board of Caesar’s laurels dedicated by that of Asterix, announced the Daniel Maghen house on Friday. Estimated at 90,000 euros, the original sketch of plate 48 of Coke in Stockin graphite, by Hergewas sold for 120,000 euros.

Original pencil sketch of plate no. 48 from the album Coke in stock by Tintin (1958) Maison Daniel Maghen Auctions

For its part, the original in Indian ink, dedicated by Albert Uderzo, of plate 25 of the Caesar’s laurels (1972) found a buyer for 113,500 euros. Other pieces of comic book legends were also sold, including a black and white page by Gaston Lagaffe (A gaffer who knows how to blunder1969) by Franquin, sold for 75,000 euros.

The record for Uderzo is the album cover illustration The Tour of Gaulwith gouache and colored inks, sold for 1.449 million euros in 2017. That for Hergé is 3.175 million euros in 2021, with a cover project not selected for “Le Lotus bleu”, in Indian ink, gouache and watercolor.

Another comic book sale, this time at Artcurial, is to be held on Saturday. In the first part, it will offer originals, albums, covers and objects that belonged to Hergé, the creator of Tintin. A page from Asterix La Serpe d’or (second Asterix album released in 1960) signed and autographed by Uderzo is also one of the lots on sale. It is estimated between 200,000 and 250,000 euros by the house.

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