Tite: “Neymar will continue to play in the World Cup”

“How is Neymar?
Neymar was touched during the match, but he decided to continue playing to help the team for eleven minutes, it’s phenomenal […] I did not see that he was injured. On the second goal, we saw that he felt this injury. That’s when I realized it. He has this ability to hide that.

Can it be replaced?
We trust. He will continue the World Cup. I repeat: he will continue to play the World Cup.

We have the impression that the players are confident. Is it thanks to your work?
It’s confidence thanks to the work we’ve done with the players. But it’s also natural for them, regardless of the circumstances. We talked about this first match, some were anxious and that’s normal, it’s human. We tried to talk, to calm the players. That’s also what I told them at half-time.

You celebrated the second goal with great fervor. What happened ?
Feelings can’t always be explained. I wanted to celebrate with the staff. They have a huge staff behind us, all the time, to help the players reach their best level of performance.

We have heard a lot of criticism about Qatar, what is your position?
My posture is about sports. I want to be an example through sport, I want to see my players and my team as examples. I want to fight for rights, equality, against discrimination. But I can only talk about what I know: sport. I want to inspire young people. We have our principles and our ethics in our team. »

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