To fight Ukraine, Russian women will have to give birth to more than 8 children, Vladimir Putin’s order, Russia is struggling with population shortage.

Vladimir Putin’s name has also started being used as a dictator across the world. Russia became completely isolated due to the war with Ukraine. While on one hand the whole of Europe is standing with Ukraine, on the other hand there are very few countries with Russia, those who are also standing together have already faced various types of sanctions. The war between Ukraine and Russia is now going on for almost two years. In such a situation, both the countries are becoming very weak. The Russian army has lost a large number of its soldiers in this war. In such a situation, a shocking report has also come out in which a decrease in the population of Russia has also been seen. So now Russian President Vladimir Putin has requested the women of his country to have more children.

Vladimir Putin urges Russian women to have more children

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged Russian women to have at least eight children and make large families the “norm” as the country continues to lose troops in its ongoing war with Ukraine amid a falling birth rate. . He made this statement while addressing the World Russian People’s Council in Moscow via video link on Tuesday (November 28). Putin said increasing the Russian population would be his “goal for the coming decades and even for the coming generations.”

For the good future of Russia, every woman should give birth to 8-9 children.

The Russian President said during his address “Many of our ethnic groups have preserved the tradition of having strong multigenerational families with four, five or even more children. Let’s remember that in (Russian) families, many of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had seven, eight or even There were more children than this. He said that Russia should “preserve” and “revive” such “excellent traditions” by making large families a “way of life”. “The family is not just the foundation of the state and society, it is a spiritual phenomenon, a source of morality,” Putin said.

Russia lost a lot of people in the war with Ukraine

The Russian President said that monetary aid, social benefits, allowances, privileges or dedicated programs will not “alone” overcome the “difficult demographic challenges” facing the country. They said True, the amount of the budget’s demographic expenditure is extremely significant, but that is not all there is to it. A person’s reference points in life matter more. Love, trust and a solid moral foundation are what family and the birth of a child are built on. we must never forget,

Has Russia faced the crisis of population decline?

Putin said that all Russian public organizations and traditional religions should focus on strengthening families and that this should be the future of “millennium-old, eternal Russia”. Our goal is to preserve and grow Russia’s population for the coming decades and even generations to come. This is the future of the Russian world, the millennium-old, eternal Russia.

The World Russian People’s Council conference was led by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, and attended by representatives of other traditional religious organizations in the country. This year’s theme was ‘The Present and Future of the Russian World’.

In November, Britain’s Defense Ministry said the number of Russian soldiers killed in action in the ongoing war with Ukraine had risen to a staggering 300,000. Additionally, the state-owned Russian News Agency (T) reported earlier this year that the country’s population as of January 1, 2023 was 146,447,424 – down from the figure in 1999 when Putin became Russian president.

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