to right his project without depending on the right, the exercise of acrobatics of the executive”

“On immigration, the Macron team continues to fail.” TERESA SUAREZ/AFP

COUNTERPOINT – Is the main thing in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron to end up with a voted text? Or is he above all a posture of balance on the subject? In which case, he would have to ume a possible failure in Parliament.

On immigration, Nicolas Boileau inspired the method of the executive. “Make haste slowly and without losing heart; Twenty times on the loom hand over your work; Polish it constantly and repolish it.” Announced in July 2022 for parliamentary review in the fall of that year; presented to the Council of Ministers in February 2023, debated, but not voted on, by the Senate; split in two then reunited; supposed to be discussed again during the famous “hundred days”: here is the bill carried by Gerald Darmanin and Olivier Dussopt again seeking a majority, hoping to p Parliament in the fall. On immigration, the Macron team continues to fail.

Such a long legislative gestation would make sense if genuine negotiations allowed the text to evolve, positions to be clarified, compromises to be outlined, solutions to be specified. However, the logic of the trenches continues to prevail over that of the movement. Even…

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