Tobacco: the price of packets of cigarettes will increase (again) on January 1

Smokers should be hit in the wallet again next year. Cigarette pack prices are expected to rise again increase on January 1, 2024an increase resulting from inflation which should be 40 to 50 cents, according to estimates from the Confederation of tobacconists unveiled Monday.

The tobacconists, who were to be received this Monday afternoon at the Ministry of Health, on the eve of the presentation by the government of its new national plan to combat smoking, expect an increase in the price ” of maximum 50 cents on January 1,” they specified, confirming information from Echoes.

Calculation based on inflation

In almost ten years the price of tobacco has increased by 70%. In 2004, a pack of 20 cigarettes cost on average 5 euros. The symbolic bar of 11 euros has now been reached, which makes France one of the countries within the European Union where tobacco is the most expensive after Ireland.

This new increase in package prices was calculated based on the expected increase in inflationin accordance with the desire of the executive to p this on to tobacco, and as voted in Parliament in 2022. Taxation on tobacco is not affected, Élisabeth Borne having ruled out such an increase in 2024 in September.

The Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau must present the 2023-2027 national control plan on Tuesday morning, while tobacco remains the leading cause of avoidable mortality in France, with 75,000 deaths per year. The figures from Public Health France are not good. Last December, an unexpected rebound in smoking among women and those with less education was observed, signaling the end of a historic decline. “80% of smokers would like to quit but tobacco is a hard drug, you have to get support,” warned Alexandre Duguet, professor of pulmonology, in our columns.

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