Tobias Foss, time trial world champion: “It looks like a dream”

Tobias Foss (time trial world champion): “It looks like a dream, I don't believe it. It was so unlikely that I would win today. After the races in Canada (the Quebec and Montreal Grands Prix in early September), I knew my form was good. During the time trial I also felt good, but not beyond what I had dared to dream of. I want to take advantage of it, but first I have to be able to become aware of what is happening to me.

I'm not the most confident guy, I knew I gave it my all and couldn't have done better anyway. But it's really amazing. The course suited me, I was very well prepared and everything went perfectly. But if I had finished in the top 10, I would have been very satisfied too. Secretly, I dreamed of being in the top 5. Wearing the rainbow jersey is going to be special for me. I will do everything I can to honor him. »

Stefan Kung (2nd): “I've been looking for this big win for a long time. I had already beaten Remco (Evenepoel) and Filippo (Ganna) but never on the same day. There, I had finally succeeded but I had not thought of Tobias as a favorite. »

Remco Evenepoel (3rd): “I hadn't really recovered from the trip yet, today was only the first day that I no longer felt the jet lag. But I don't want to invoke the Vuelta as an apology. So it's not such a bad performance today, there were just two guys stronger than me. But in terms of power, I had the best time trial of my career, I think. Now I need to recover in view of next Sunday. »

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