Tommy Paul, qualified for the semis of the Australian Open, “super happy”

“It’s your first Grand Slam semi-final, you will be ranked in the Top 20 at the end of the tournament, how do you feel?
I’m super happy! It wasn’t the best game to watch today, but that’s how I had to play to win. Ben is a great server, I really needed to return as many of my returns to the court as possible. I am happy.

You have never played against Novak Djokovic before, have you trained? Do you discuss together?
I saw him in the room right after finishing my match. He told me ” congratulations “ but that’s all. I think we trained together but we never played against each other. It’s pretty obvious that he feels good here, he’s playing well, it’s going to be a tough match. But I’m in good shape, I’m playing very well, it’s probably the right time.

You are the first American in the semis here since Andy Roddick almost 15 years ago. Does it matter to you to put American tennis back on the stage?
Yes of course, it is important to me. Since I was little, I heard that American tennis must improve, that we need Americans… It’s engraved in my head. I want us all to get there. Frances (Tiafoe) was very close to making it to the semis at the US Open last year. We all want to get there, for American tennis and for us.

Do you remember Andy Roddick at the US Open in 2003?
Yes, I believe it was just when I started playing tennis. I remember we had posters of him when he won in his Reebok outfit. Then I was disappointed because he had changed to Lacoste and I was saying “Oh no, he’s not going to win a Grand Slam anymore.” I thought the outfit had an impact (smiles). But actually, I don’t remember watching the match, I just remember that Roddick won the US Open! »

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