“Top Chef”, season 14, episode 3: “Mr. Etchebest, put that down right away! »

“Top Chef”, season 14, episode 3: “Mr. Etchebest, put that down right away!  »

After trompe-l’oeil and transparency the previous weekTHE six new candidates of “Top Chef” to enter the arena in episode 3, broadcast this Wednesday, March 15 on M 6, compete in the street-food field. To invent a concept likely to surprise Guillaume Sanchezformerly of season 8, they will work in a brigade, unlike their comrades from last week.

In Glenn Viel’s camp, Jérémie and Alexandre – “the Doyens”, as the two boys aged 40 and 36 call themselves – go on a Bourguignon revisited tataki style in a fried potato.

The band of Paul Pairet, Victor and Léo, opts for a Caesar salad in a lollipop. “It’s not a winner’s dish,” laughs Alexandre. “Go back to the nursing home! Victor replies tit for tat. It’s for fun, but it fuses. Less than on the piano for the Violets, a little too cool for Pairet’s taste. “Next time, it’s with Bob Marley that you have to go to work”, he chambers them.

“She has an incredible culinary intelligence”

At Les Bleues, Carla and Sarika – winner of “Top Chef Objective” who enters the game – play it solo… in pairs. They opt for two popsicle sticks, one with carbonara pasta, for Carla, and the other, with ginger chicken, for Sarika. “You are misguided! reframes them Philippe Etchebest, who calls for teamwork. And Sarika imagined a trio of ravioli as a bar, starter, main course and dessert, all fried all at once.

“She has an incredible culinary intelligence”, greets Etchebest who lends them a hand. “Mr. Etchebest, you ask that right away! asks Pairet who is watching the grain. “They don’t have enough strength to roll out the dough,” explains the MOF. “That, we accept”, concedes the Violet by planting himself in front of them, flanked by Glenn Viel who whispers to him: “Never forget what we have just done”. “If they win, I will have a debt,” grumbles Etchebest.

Only, Sanchez notes flats, a not crispy dough, little marked preparations. He is seduced by the “Bourgui’Street” des Oranges, like half of the ten food influencers invited to decide between the candidates. With one point each, they rank the “Doyens” (5 points) in the lead, followed by the Violets (3 pts) and the Bleues (2 pts).

With three points, Sanchez can change everything. “I always bet on seasonings and texture, there was no texture, there, no seasoning,” he says, giving victory to Victor and Leo. They had ditched the lollipop stick for a garnished salad sphere, served in a beautiful box with two sauces and a chicken skin crispie.

“I will skewer you all”

To them week 4, to the others the second eliminatory round with Gaston, determined to steal headlines. On the menu, kebab to revisit under the watchful eye of Israeli chef Assaf Granit and food critic Mina Soundiram. At the tasting, Hélène Darroze will be invited…

Alexandre kneads his bread in which he will cook everything and serve on a micro spit; Jérémie imagines a monochrome red kebab around mackerel, beets and red onions. Carla plays it Mexican with a kebab al Pastor on a corn and pineapple taco.

“I’m going to skewer you all,” warns Gaston, who breaks down the kebab, adding freshness to it with a salad sorbet. Raised like a cuckoo clock, Sarika embarks on an octopus version, a beast that takes a very long time to prepare, which she beats with a mixer before cooking it in a casserole to fight against time. And to swear like a carter, which the production takes pleasure in emphasizing with repeated “beeps”. “When I’m hyperstressed, I only say swear words, I need to exteriorize,” she explains.

“I arrive in the real kitchens of Top chef and I hide on it »

At the tasting, Jérémie wins the votes and the crush of Assaf Granit. Despite the lamb being cooked unevenly and the bread a little raw inside, Alexandre took second place. “Oh, girls, what did you do there? worries Etchebest. Carla grabs the last ticket. And Sarika to curse under her breath. “It annoys me, I break my ass for I don’t know how many weeks to do Top Chef objective to be tej – thrown in verlan – the first, it pisses me off! »

According to the new rules, Etchebest tastes the plates of Gaston and Sarika blind. He prefers that of Sarika who cannot find a smile. “I am at the end of my life, I am angry, she reacts. I gave everything for weeks to reach a certain level, I arrive in the real kitchens of Top chef and I hide on it”. “It’s good what you did, it’s fine, it’s cool”, reassures Etchebest.

Eliminated, Gaston has a final opportunity to re-enter the competition via “The Hidden Squad” by Hélène Darroze, a new second part of the evening which prolongs the programme. Facing him, Danny and his red cuffs won against Miguel.

On the theme of the dessert with surprise at the cut, the candidate with blond braids outclasses Gaston by knocking down a monster job. And extends its hunting table. His competitor, he leaves for good this time.

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