Torremaggiore murder, Jessica’s funeral today. The parish priest: “Our heroine”

Pain and emotion today in Torremaggiore, in the Foggia area, at the funeral of Gessica, the sixteen year old girl stabbed to death by her father in the night between 6 and 7 May last. The girl died defending her mother who was injured by the stab wounds of her husband, Taulant Malaj, an Albanian baker who also killed an Italian pastry chef Mimo De Santis, believed by her killer to be in love with his wife. In his homily, Don Renato Borrelli – pastor of the Church of Jesus the Divine Worker spoke of Gessica as a heroic girl.

Gessica’s mother: “My daughter died for me, now show me Leonardo”

by our correspondent Grazia Longo

«Love for your mother – said the priest – prompted you to shield yourself with your body, and you gave, like Jesus, your life for her, out of love. Little and dear heroine, how you resemble Jesus in that gesture of yours. Today you are and will always be in Heaven. Your youth has now blossomed forever in heaven.”

Gessica, killed by her father to defend her mother

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Many people attended the funeral. In the first pews, Gessica’s family members. Mother Tefta arrived directly from the Foggia hospital, where she is hospitalized, in a wheelchair. Lots of kids too. Above all the clmates of the 3 A of the Liceo Clico “Fiani-Leccisotti” of Torremaggiore, the cl of the young victim.

Macre of Torremaggiore, the murderous father: “Gessica was there at the wrong time. I picked up my son after I realized what I had done”

by our correspondent Grazia Longo

“She was always a girl with a smile,” recalled a cl friend of hers. “We will always remember her like this, sunny and with the will to live”. At the end of the religious function, the white coffin left the church accompanied by the launch of colored balloons. The mother, before the hearse left, wanted to say goodbye to her daughter who saved her life.

Macre of Torremaggiore, Gessica’s mother on Albanian TV: “She was molested by her father, my husband is a monster”

For a few moments she remained with her right hand on the coffin. Then a small procession of students accompanied the coffin in front of the high school attended by the girl. In front of the gates friends had written: “Gessica teaches the angels to cause.” «Causing – some schoolmates explained – means having a party. Gessica was like that, she always wanted to party and have fun ».

Drama of Foggia, the father: “Jessica and my wife fled, but I kept hitting them”

The girl’s brother, a five-year-old boy, did not attend the funeral. On the white coffin, however, there was a heart of white roses and an inscription: “Your dear little brother”.

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