“TPMP People” confirms that Plus belle la vie will experience a second wind

Columnist Déborah Tordjman and Matthieu Delormeau in “TPMP People” Screenshot

VIDEO – Since the end of the emblematic soap opera broadcast on France 3, information has been circulating about a 2.0 series project. And it will indeed see the light of day.

While the end officially sounded for the series on Saturday, November 19, a sequel really seems to be looming. The rumors about the revival of the soap opera created in 2004 are confirmed. Columnist Déborah Tordjman took advantage of the broadcast of “TPMP People” to provide some information on the rest of the series More beautiful life.

Florence Demay, actress of the program and now spokesperson for the new project, spoke. This 2.0 project will be broadcast on a dedicated Netflix-like streaming platform either from an application, a computer or a connected television.. “We couldn’t help but respond to the call from the fans. It’s time, 18 years later, to renew the genre. We will thus be the first scop in the audiovisual sector (Cooperative and participatory society, editor’s note), but of course, it is a question of big money in this area. This is why we want to set up a dedicated platform”had affirmed the members of the collective at the end of “PBLV”.

“It’s signed and it’s the same story”

And regarding the rest of the information relating to the 2.0 series, the watchword is “as before”. “We will keep the same rhythm of weekly distribution. Every day, as before, with a 20-minute format, as before. On the other hand, thanks to this platform, spectators will no longer be confined to a box in the evening. They will be able to watch the episodes in replay and when they want. For the moment, we are trying to make the series free, knowing that it is a very difficult method of financing“, she explains.

However, the scop does not yet have the rights. “They are waiting for the production to completely give them the rights to start shooting episodes”. According to information from the columnist, once they are in their possession, there will be 18 weeks between writing and broadcasting. “But it’s signed and it’s the same story”she says.

So far, it seems that most characters will be present. “In any case, no actor refused to participate“explains the spokesperson. On the other hand, the actors will have to shoot the majority of the scenes outdoors in Marseille. “The set has been dismantled and will normally be used for a film school”, specifies the columnist Isabelle Morini-Bosc. The cooperative wants the series to be “participatory. Fans will be able to submit their story ideas on an app, to help us know what they want to see in the series. We want to hear what they have to say to us. Actors and technicians can also do the same», reveals the member of the collective. Fans of the series rejoice, More beautiful life will rise from its ashes.

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