transgender players temporarily banned from women’s tournaments

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This announcement drew criticism from transgender players. Петр Смагин /

The International Chess Federation made the decision pending the introduction of new regulations which could take up to two years.

The International Chess Federation (Fide) has announced that transgender players will be temporarily suspended from female categories of its tournaments, starting Monday and pending the introduction of new regulations that could take up to two years. “In the case of a gender transition from male to female, the player is not allowed to participate in women’s events, until a new decision by Fide is made.“, said in a press release the organization based in Lausanne.

This decision will be madewithin two years“, according to the same source. In the meantime, FIDE clarifies that there is “nono restrictions to play in the open section for a person who has changed gender“. In addition, the measure does not apply to transgender men who compete in the male categories, but they will be deprived, according to the temporary regulations, of the women’s titles won before their transition, the body further indicated.

“A significant impact” in the change of sex

According to FIDE, sex reignmenthas a significant impact on a player’s status and future tournament eligibility“, without providing further details on his motivations. This announcement drew criticism from transgender players.

I don’t think I’m smarter than most cis women, nor do I think my pre-transition years gave me an innate edge at chess.“, reacted the journalist and transgender chess player Ana Valens in an article published on the site The Mary Sue.

In the world of sport, the International Cycling Union (UCI), World Athletics and the International Swimming Federation have also taken steps to keep transgender athletes out of women’s competitions.

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