tried for a neo-Nazi attack project, Alexandre Gilet, at the crossroads of all hatreds

Eight days of trial, and five hours of a trying interrogation, Wednesday, June 28, will not have been enough to split the armor of Alexandre Gilet, alias “FrenchCrusader” (“the French crusader”) on social networks. It ed at times, showing a dull block of anger and an ominous fascination with violence. This 27-year-old former voluntary deputy gendarme, tried for a neo-Nazi attack project, went through his interrogation with his arms crossed, his chest sculpted by five years of detention, molded in a black T-shirt, a wick folded over his forehead. , to collect, impive, the fire of the questions of the court of izes of the minors of Paris.

After his arrest in September 2018, investigators discovered explosive precursors, two Kalashnikovs, a Glock pistol, but also an ultra-right “manifesto” in his home, in which he detailed several scenarios of attacks. They had also arrested three boys, aged 17 to 23 at the material time, with whom the gendarme was discussing a neo-Nazi discussion group called “WaffenKraft” (“firepower” in German) and with whom he had spent a weekend in the forest shooting at targets.

Before answering questions from the court, Alexandre Gilet had listened for two days to his three co-defendants recounting his obsession with terrorist attacks. “He was talking about carrying out attacks, doing like the jihadists. We managed to calm him down, but he always came back to the charge., said one of them. When his turn came to explain himself, the former gendarme tried to convince that there was ” nothing concrete “. “I admit I thought about it”he ended up admitting, while uring that he was not “psychologically ready” to take action.

“I was anti-everything”

What knocks under the armor of this young “crusader” with arms eternally closed on the chest? Alexandre Gilet is not a “ideologue”he willingly admits it, but we have not for all that understood the intimate springs of his ” radicalization “, as he calls it. The little that he let filter sketches the portrait of a 22-year-old boy at the material time, then puny and solitary, locked in a boundless rage, a mental loop at the crossroads of all hatreds: anti-Semitic, racist, Islamophobic, phobic, anti-State, anti-European…

The president, Christophe Petiteau, opened his interrogation by recalling some elements found at the accused’s house in an attempt to identify his “ideological grounding” : a Nazi flag, the book Mein Kampfby Adolf Hitler, the “manifesto” of Norwegian ultra-right m murderer Anders Breivick, “a drawing representing a knight shooting at children of different origins”images taken from a video game aimed at “Behead the Gypsies” and to “gas the Jews”a discussion on a forum titled “how to kill properly”

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